Generally, it is observed that women feel hesitant to canvass about their most intimate body parts to anyone, even to a doctor. Nevertheless, things seem more favorable for them if the doctor belongs to feminine gender. In case, you are excited about expecting a baby then finding a proper obstetrician/gynecologist (Ob/Gyn) may turn out to be a tough task. Anyhow, yours as well as your baby’s health depends much upon this phenomenon. The well-renowned gynecologist of Gurugram, Dr. Ragini Agrawal shares vital information about this expedition and they are as follows:

2. Fertility & IFV Services

The cry of your baby fills the emptiness of your whole home and it inevitably completes your family. You and your partner gets into the lock of wedding and both of you begin to cultivate the desire to extend your family. Nevertheless, attaining pregnancy is not as easy as for every couple. Things were difficult for such couples a few decades ago. However, they have become easier after the popularity of several infertility options. Dr. Ragini Agrawal throw light on them:

Fertility drugs
Women in the company of infertility issues may be appropriate to make use of fertility drugs, which work by sourcing your body to let go reproductive hormones that organize the ovulation process. Fertility drugs can be useful with a success rate of about forty to fifty percent in women who ovulate, assisting them get pregnant normally within three cycles. They are often exercised as a first alternative for women who have fertility issues.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)
The IVF method involves eggs being taken out from the donor plus fertilized in the lab by way of the partner’s sperm ahead of being implanted in the uterus.

Prior to the process, your doctor of medicine will examine your ovaries as well as the timing of the egg release, making sure that your ovaries is producing eggs, along with that your hormone levels are usual. It is customary to take fertility drugs throughout IVF. These are used to excite the ovaries into producing eggs, which is vital to the process since having more than one egg accessible will increase the odds of becoming pregnant. In those cases where the woman cannot produce eggs, it is likely to use a donor to deliver eggs to make IVF possible.

Surgical procedure may be employed in cases while there are blocked Fallopian tubes, to take away endometriosis tissue, to take care of PCOS, or for other anatomical irregularities. It can also amplify the chances of becoming pregnant by means of natural conception.

Artificial Insemination
This is a method where sperm is deposited directly into the uterus by means of a thin catheter in a progression called intrauterine insemination (IUI). Artificial insemination is particularly used when the couples are not capable to have vaginal sex, possibly due to disability or for same-sex couples.

Intra-fallopian Transfers
There are two chief types of intra-fallopian transfers:
• Gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT): The eggs along with sperm are placed in the Fallopian tubes to let fertilization to occur naturally.
• Zygote intra-fallopian transfer (ZIFT): numerous eggs are collected from the ovaries plus mixed with sperm. For the duration of ZIFT, fertilization takes place in a lab plus the zygotes (fertilized eggs) are placed into the Fallopian tubes rather than the uterus, which is the key difference between ZIFT and IVF.

Intra-fallopian transfers can be employed in cases when the woman’s Fallopian tubes aren’t infertile or damaged plus the man has a low sperm count, or there are troubles with the sperm in general. It is also employed where there the couple objects to IVF, for instance, for religious causes or where previous efforts at IVF have failed to outcome in pregnancy.

Services provided under Fertility & IVF are:

Your medical history and lifestyle are discussed in detail. It is necessary to clarify all doubts with your doctor. Blood tests are carried out to understand your hormonal levels and to check for any infection or ovarian reserve. Other tests done are Ultrasound Follicular Monitoring and Tube test to know about egg formation and patency of the fallopian tube.

Male Workup:

Getting a detailed medical history and examination is the first part of evaluation. Semen Analysis is the most important test to check male fertility and accordingly an interpretation is made. In few cases advance tests like the DNA Fragment test are done.

Female Workup:

Medical history and lifestyle issues are discussed with you in detail. It is necessary to clarify all doubts with your doctor. Required blood tests are done to understand your hormonal levels and check for any infection or ovarian reserve. Other tests done are Ultrasound Follicular Monitoring and Tube test to know about egg formation and patency of the fallopian tube.

3. Obstetric Services

Pregnancy is most joyous moment of every women life. There is a dream of healthy baby at the end of 9 months. But always all dreams cannot be fulfilled. Majority of pregnancies are low risk with favorable outcome. Unpleasant symptoms, physical problems or minor difficulties with labor & delivery may be a part of such gestations, but mother usually recover fully & deliver healthy babies.

It is important for her to have Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle before she becomes pregnant. Good prenatal care and medical treatment during pregnancy can help prevent complications.

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