Pregnancy is most joyous moment of every women life. There is a dream of healthy baby at the end of 9 months. But always all dreams cannot be fulfilled. Majority of pregnancies are low risk with favorable outcome. Unpleasant symptoms, physical problems or minor difficulties with labor & delivery may be a part of such gestations, but mother usually recover fully & deliver healthy babies.

It is important for her to have Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle before she becomes pregnant. Good prenatal care and medical treatment during pregnancy can help prevent complications.

Under obstetric, services we provide are:
From conception to 9 month

Comprehensive antenatal care with diet and exercise counseling
Ante natal and labor education
With a unique economical hassle free VALUE FOR MONEY scheme –“ANTENATAL PACKAGES” which give you a security to visit doctor whenever you want to visit in OPD to consult without thinking of extra economic burden
We aim for a healthy mother and healthy baby. We are with you from conception to delivery even post natal guidance too.

For Delivery

When you require admission near term or due to some complication before that we offer you best of hospital  in citywhich is a speciality women hospital dedicated to women well being – w Pratiksha Hospital. This  facility have state of art LDRs and tertiary nursery assistance if needed & round the clock availability of gynecologists and pediatricians on duty. In case of emergency we have support of in house anesthesia department.

Assisted Vaginal delivery
Instrumental vaginal delivery
Painless delivery
Cesarean section elective/emergency
After Delivery

Post Natal Care
Domiciliary Post Partum Services
Post Natal Shaping up
Newborn Care
Lactation Counseling
Emotional support
Contraception & Family Planning Advice

At W-hospital we have special lactational counsellor. We aim to provide ongoing breastfeeding support and advice and assist you in the art of breastfeeding. Lactational counsellors help mother and baby to start breast feeding and help mothers with any concerns related to breastfeeding. They help you to exclusively breastfeed your baby which is a universal recommendation by the paediatricians as well. They guide you about the simple measures which might improve breast milk and at the same time taking care of your and your baby’s health.

Family Planning & Contraception clinic

Family Planning means planned limitation of pregnancy and family size. Contraception means prevention of conception. An ideal contraceptive should be safe, harmless, easily available, acceptable to both the partners and should not interfere with sexual life.

There is a `CAFETERIA CHOICE’ of family planning methods which we practice. Every eligible couple has wide range of options and the doctors at hospital assist the couple in making the right choice as per their requirements.

There are two types of family planning methods:
Temporary methods
Permanent methods
Temporary methods are as follows:

Barrier methods for example condoms and diaphragms
Intra uterine contraceptive devices for example copper-T 380-A, multiload Cu-250, multiload Cu-375, Mirena etc.
Oral Contraceptive pills
Non-oral hormonal contraceptives for example injectables implants and vaginal rings.
Emergency contraception
Permanent methods are as follows:

Tubectomy for females—Minilaprotomy and laparoscopic ligation of tubes

Vasectomy for males
Our team look forward to let you have a good life without the fear of ill- timed conception.

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